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A project to repair and maintain the Jewish cemetery of Slany was founded by Temple Brith Shalom, in Prescott, Arizona.  The congregation feels a deep connection with Slany through a very special member of the congregation - a Memorial Torah Scroll.  Funds were donated by the Temple's Sisterhood and the Mitzvah Circle.  The project began after two congregants visited Slany and the site of the former Jewish synagogue.  They shared their experience with the congregation, and folks wished to deepen their connection to Slany by doing more to honor the memory of the town's former Jewish residents. 

A Jewish community was sporadically settled in Slany during the 14th and 15th centuries.  However, in 1458, Jews were expelled from the town.  A Jewish community was re-established in the first half of the 19th century, although it remained small; at it's peak in 1880, the Jewish population was 207.  81 Jewish residents of Slany were deported to Terezin in 1942.  The Slany victims of the Shoah are remembered and honored by the congregation in worship services.  No Jews returned home to Slany after the war, and there is no Jewish community in the town today.

The Jewish cemetery was established in 1881. There are 80 gravestones.  Please scroll down to see some photographs.  For more information, e-mail




All photos courtesy of Mojmir Maly





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