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BUCOVICE, Czech Republic

Velké Mezíříci, Czech Republic

PHASE 1:  The Czech Heritage Action Initiative is pleased to announce that stage 1 of the restoration of the Jewish Cemetery of Velké Mezíříci, Czech Republic is complete.  Through the generous support of Congregation Solel, and its Rabbi, Rabbi Dov Taylor, a large scale clean up of the Jewish cemetery was completed in the fall of 2002.  The completed works included the removal of dense overgrowth, six feet high in some parts of the cemetery, and the removal of large dead tree limbs which threatened the gravestones below.  Congregation Solel has a special connection to this lost Jewish community through a Memorial Torah Scroll that originated in Velké Mezíříci, and is now treasured again as an honored part of a vibrant community. 

PHASE 2:  CHAI received support for the second  phase and continuation of the Velké Mezíříci  restoration project from a descendent of families that resided in the community and who has many ancestors buried in the Jewish cemetery. Work was completed during the summer of 2005.

Caslav, Czech Republic

The Caslav Jewish Cemetery Restoration Project (CJCRP) is underway!  The goal of the project is the complete restoration of the Caslav Jewish cemetery.  The first and second phases of the restoration work have been completed!  Please Click Here for more information, and for project details.

ROUDNICE nad LABEM, Czech Republic

The students of the Jewish Learning Center at Congregation Beth Am in San Diego, California donated tzedakah money they collected to be used in the ongoing effort to save and restore the new Jewish cemetery of Roudnice nad Labem.  Congregation Beth Am has a personal connection to this lost Jewish community through a Memorial Torah Scroll that originated in Roudnice nad Labem.

TACHOV, Czech Republic

A group of Tachov descendants in the United States donated money to fund Robert Dvorak's continuing effort to document the Tachov Jewish cemetery.

TACHOV, Czech Republic, 2006

Anonymous descendants of Tachov made a very generous donation to fund an architectural/archaeological project on the site of the former synagogue.         

Sušice, Czech Republic

A cemetery clean up was funded in honor of Ms. Hana Gruna through the generous support of    Maine Township Jewish Congregation.  The work was carried out in the spring of 2003.

FLOOD RELIEF, Prague, Czech Republic

When devastating floods struck the Czech Republic in August, 2002, The Czech Heritage Action Initiative was among the first to respond to the crisis at hand.  We were an integral part of the official relief effort with The Project Judaica Foundation, and we are very grateful for the assistance of United States Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad and the JUF/Jewish Federation of Chicago.