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The Federation of Jewish Communities of the Czech Republic

The Federation of Jewish Communities of Czech Republic unites the ten individual Jewish communities in the Czech Republic and acts on their behalf both within the country and abroad. Each one of the congregations/Jewish Communities is an independent legal entity i.e. it owns and administers its own property, and has legal authority in matters relating to its holdings.

Regional authority of each congregation/community is determined by the Federation. At this time, there are ten independent (self-governing) congregations in the country. The ten Jewish communities of Czech Republic are: Prague, Brno, Plzen (Pilsen) , Olomouc(e-mail), Ostrava, Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad)(e-mail), Decin, Usti nad Labem, Teplice, and Liberec. The activities of the congregations are governed by their own rules which must comply with those of the Federation. These general rules are registered with the Ministry of Culture of Czech Republic.

The Federation is governed/managed by its own bodies in compliance with its regulations. The highest in the hierarchy is the Council of the Federation of Jewish Communities. The council includes a chairman and two deputy chairmen elected from the membership



ŠLisa Feder, Czech Heritage Action Initiative