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  Why your help is needed:

With its unparalleled number of remaining Jewish sites and its proven determination to preserve and protect them, the Czech Republic is unlike anywhere else in Central or Eastern Europe.

Systematic efforts and a full-time professional  dedicated staff have been at work for more than ten years.However, they must continually halt their work, and the work of the many devoted caretakers due to the lack of funding.

With every day and every season that passes,  our Jewish sites, these last remnants of our history, continue to deteriorate and crumble before our eyes.  With your support, we can save them before it is too late.

It is estimated that 89% of the Jews of Bohemia and Moravia were killed in the Holocaust.  A large percentage of survivors emigrated to other countries after WWII.  In almost every case, no descendents are left to tend the graves.


There are countless meaningful ways to preserve Jewish history in the Czech lands, whether you are an individual, a synagogue, a school, a foundation, etc.

For Example:

    With a donation of:

$2,000. you can sponsor the annual cost of routine maintenance of a Jewish Cemetery. (average annual cost - it can vary from cemetery to cemetery).

$500. you can sponsor the purchase of power-tools such as a lawnmower-trimmer to assist the caretakers in maintaining the cemetery.  Many of our caretakers labor without the benefit of modern equipment.

$200.-$400. you can sponsor the reconstruction of some types of large constructed gravestones, or pay for the professional repair or conservation of a small historically valuable gravestone (cost varies according to cemetery and region). Epitaphs can be restored in silver or gold for a set cost per letter.

$100. you can sponsor the repair and re-erection of a broken gravestone (of average size).

$60.   you can sponsor the re-erection of a fallen gravestone (of average size).


For all contributions, a certificate and documentation will be provided, as well as a before and after photograph where applicable.  Checks may be written to The United States Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad, (USCPAHA).  The USCPAHA is a 501c3 organization and all contributions are tax-deductible for U.S. residents to the full extent of the law.  All contributors will receive a tax-receipt from the USCPAHA.


ŠLisa Feder, Czech Heritage Action Initiative