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Mission Statement:

The mission of the Czech Heritage Action Initiative (C.H.A.I.) is to support the continuum of Jewish life in the Czech Republic by fostering a strong, living connection between the rich history of its past, and the challenges of the present. When we reach back and touch hands with the past, we can look with more wholeness to a future bright with possibility. The C.H.A.I. will work to restore the links that were shattered in the devastation of the Shoah and through restoring this broken continuity, work toward Tikkun Olam, repair of the world.

The Czech Jewish community is currently striving to restore its heritage, and to rebuild for its future. The Czech Heritage Action Initiative is dedicated to helping the Czech Jewish Community by:

●  Building strong and vital connections between the Jewish communities of the Czech Republic and those elsewhere in the world, to create paths of sharing and exchange, helping them as they proceed on their own journey of renewal and growth.

●  Supporting the restoration, conservation and preservation of Jewish cemeteries and synagogues in the Czech Republic. Cemeteries are an important and vital link to the past, with roots that reach back to more than 500 years of Jewish presence. With 334 Jewish cemeteries, the Czech Republic offers a unique opportunity to explore and preserve Jewish history that is unparalleled anywhere else in Central and Eastern Europe.

Important and beautiful treasures are woven throughout the joyous and tragic history of the Czech Jewish Community. By embracing the challenges before us now, and weaving the broken past back into the fabric of current Jewish life, we can help to create and sustain a strong future for our world wide community.


Lisa Feder,
Czech Heritage Action Initiative